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5 Steps I used to Grow my Small Business on TikTok in less that 5 days

I downloaded the TikTok app in the beginning of quarantine and mainly used it to to watch fashion, recipe, and cat videos. As the algorithm got a better view of my interests, my “For you Page” was quickly overtaken by Shopify hacks, small business marketing tips, and ways to decrease the friction on your sales funnel. I made it to “Small Business Tiktok”

I loved how supportive the small business Tiktok community was, and it was so inspiring to watch brands share how quickly they have grown because of the App. Some brands spent no money on ads and relied solely upon their TikTok account to increase sales. With no budget for advertising, I had to try it out for myself.

It was a slow start, but I was able to figure it out and grow my account by almost 30,000 in just a few days!!! Here’s how I did it….

1. Create a Separate Account for your Business

TikTok makes it easy to grow your account from scratch! In my experience, it is easier to gain traction with a new account that you start posting on regularly than an old one with random spikes of engagement. With a new account you can create steady and slowly increasing engagement that will show the algorithm you are posting valuable content and help you grow. Check out these 3 easy steps to create Viral Tiktok videos.

How to grow your tiktok account | tiktok analytics follower count

2. Pick a Niche

It is extremely important that you establish your niche and only post relevant videos. TikTok is more likely to show your videos to others if you have a consistent theme. This will increase the chances of your video appearing on the FYP of someone in your target audience.

tiktok video analytics how to raise video views and get on the for you page

3. Save Relevant Videos, Hashtags, and Sounds

Before I started posting anything, I would save all of the videos I liked as inspiration. I would save relevant sounds to use later, and it helped a lot when I couldn’t think of new content to film. The first video that went “viral” on my account was one using a popular small business sound. I created a list with the hashtags I saw on viral posts in my niche so I would remember to use them on my videos.


My first big wholesale order 💌 website coming soon!! Follow for small business tips to see how mine turns out 😄 #smallbusiness #smallbusinesscheck

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn Davis

4. Post Consistently & Video EVERYTHING!!

What is mundane to you might be interesting to somebody else. TikTok has a special ability to glamorize simple tasks, use it to your advantage! Posting consistently will grow your account a lot quicker and people will be more inclined to follow along. I love using the Sound Sync feature, it works the best when you add 5+ videos so it is helpful to have them on hand. I reuse the same videos all the time and with the different sounds it is not noticeable. It is also helpful to create multiple videos a day and save them in your draft so they are ready to post later on.

how to grow your tiktok account and get on the fyp  | understanding video view analytics

5. Create a Hashtag Specific to your Business

This one is so important!! Creating a hashtag for your business is like making an extremely specific category on TikTok. Continually adding the hashtag will put your videos in that category and people who interacted with it will have a high chance of being shown your videos in the future. It is a great way to retarget your audience so they become more and more familiar with your brand.

Use this New Sound to Show off your Small Business

For more tips & tricks, check out 3 ways to go Viral on TikTok

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