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Get ready for summertime on the Boardwalk | List of the Best outdoor Roller Skates on the Market ~ This Post may contain affiliate links

The Best Outdoor Roller Skates Cute Colors

Summer is almost here and one of my favorite activities during the warmer months is to skate around town with my friends. Anywhere from an empty parking lot, basketball court, around the neighborhood, or beach path, roller skating is a guaranteed good time. If you have been trying to rationalize buying skates, this is your sign!!!

Roller Skating is such a fun activity that you could do even on your busiest days. I love putting on my skates after work or even in the parking lot at my lunch break. At my office we started doing rollerskating Wednesdays where everyone brings skateboards, roller skates, or scooters and hangs out in the parking lot after work.

It has been so fun to see how much we have all improved over the past few months of regularly rollerskating. At first I was so wobbly and unsure of my ability, thinking that I would fall backwards if I wasn’t holding onto something. I loved going with my friend who has a baby and we would take turns pushing the stroller so we had something to hold onto. Watching each other improve and learn new moves as been the highlight of my quarantine.

Where I live in Southern California, there is no roller rink nearby so it was very important that I purchased outdoor roller skates so I could have an easier time on the street rather than the smooth floor. The main difference I noticed between outdoor and indoor roller skates was the padding around the ankle and the hardness of the wheels.

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Here are some of my favorite outdoor roller skates

Cute Outdoor roller skates

These “Beach Bunny” roller skates by Moxi are so cute and come in amazing colors. The wheels and bearings are top notch and they are all around high-quality roller skates. My friend has these and loves them. They are definitely on the pricier side, but if you Are willing to invest in your roller skates these are perfect.

cheetah roller skates outdoor skates

These Cheetah skates are another personal favorite of mine. Impala Skates has so many great options and they are all under $100. Impala Skates also sells rollerblades and they have super cute elbow pads and wrist guards that come in pastel colors to match your skates. This brand definitely haas the best quality for the price.

light blue pastel roller skates

Last but not least are these amazing skates by BTFL. They ship super quickly with Amazon! I have the light tan version of these and they are the most comfortable roller skates I have ever tried on. A lot of my friends have complained about their roller skates giving them blisters but these are equally as comfortable as my running shoes. The suede is so nice And I love how the colors are a little more toned down than the other brands.

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