Mango Sorbet Recipe | Only 2 Ingredients

This Mango Sorbet Recipe is so easy and I love to make it before going to the gym so it is ready by the time I get home. It takes only a few mins to make and it is such a great healthy snack and dessert.


• Fresh or Frozen Mango (if fresh just cut and freeze)
• Maple Syrup

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Mango Sorbet Directions

1.Blend frozen mango with a tiny amount of water. The less the better, use just enough to blend until smooth.
*add coconut milk instead of water for a creamier sorbet
2. Add about a tablespoon of all natural maple syrup and blend

This sorbet can be eaten right away or stored in the freezer for later. I like to let it sit in the freezer for about an hour before eating to harden up and have a better consistency

Let me know if you try this Mango Sorbet Recipe! Check out some of my other favorite recipes here!

Hope you enjoy!!

Mango Sorbet Recipe | Easy to make and only 2 ingredients. Fresh or frozen mango
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