Link Tree Error Message & How to Avoid it

Link Tree is the most popular option for sharing multiple links in the bio of social media accounts. Many brands and influencers use them to easily display all of their products, affiliate links, or different accounts in one place. The new Link Tree Error Message that has been marking links on TikTok as unsafe has drastically changed the click through rate.

Unfortunately, TikTok is marking every Link Tree as “unsafe” and drastically reducing the click through rate for creators. The Link Tree Error Message deters potential viewers from clicking through your links.

Here is an example of the link tree error message on TIkTok:

link tree showing security alert on tiktok | tiktok saying link is unsafe

Instagram has also started to flag these links as “unsafe” without notifying the account owner.

If you are a business, blogger, or influencer, the best way to avoid this is to create your own landing page. This is super easy to do an only takes a few minutes. You can make your own “Link Tree” using any website builder such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix etc.

Some of the benefits of making your own landing page include:
– Increased traffic, every click counts as a blog view
– Ability to track exactly which links were clicked in WordPress Stats
– Free personalization

Here is how I made mine using WordPress.

1. Create a New Page

Go to WordPress MySite. In the left side panel find “pages” > Add new page. I title the new page “Links”

2. Add Individual “Button” Blocks

I created separate blocks for each button and arranged them in the center of the page. I titled each Button and added a link to open a new page. It should look like the button below.

3. Personalize

To personalize my page, I added the block “blog posts” at the bottom and the block “Latest Instagram Posts” below that.


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