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March Monthly Favorites | 2022

March Monthly Favorites for 2022! Everything from finance trackers to clothing rentals. This article may contain affiliate links


Checkered Rug

This rug is hand made and made to order from Morocco. I ordered a custom size and it arrived surprisingly fast. It is such high quality and I love how unique it is. The rug is 30% off if you use my link and the code “checkered30” at checkout.



I have been trying to stay away from just wearing workout clothes every day, and Nuuly is a great way keep an updated wardrobe without having to commit to certain pieces. You are able to purchase clothes that you like at a discounted price. It is also great for events so you can get something that you know you won’t wear often. Sign up for the Monthly Rental HERE for a DISCOUNT.


benefits of oil cleansing.

Silk Eye Mask

I recently heard the benefits of silk eye masks for fine lines and had to try it myself. It increases the effectiveness of your skincare products and retains moisture. The mask also helps prevent wrinkles from forming throughout the night, and has helped me fall asleep faster.


Ankle Weights

These Bala Bangles are the perfect additional resistance to add on your walk, and they are small enough to be used on your wrist. They are available in different weights and many color options.


Yin yang pill case. Cute pill case for vitamins

Vitamin Case

I take a lot of vitamins, and it is hard to keep them organized, especially while traveling. This was the cutest one I could find, and makes packing vitamins so much easier and helps me remember to take them.


Finance Tracker

This earnings tracker is available on Etsy and allows you to easily track multiple streams of income and organize it into monthly tables. I highly recommend this to anyone doing affiliate marketing or blogging. Read more affiliate tips here

March Monthly Favorites

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