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November Monthly Favorites | 2021

November Monthly Favorites for 2021! Everything from skincare to wholesaling tools.



When the air gets cold and dry, I have a hard time acclimating from my usual Hawai’i weather and end up with bloody noses and a sore throat. Having a humidifier in my room at night solved these issues and I have also noticed improvements in my skin texture!


RAEN Blondie Sunglasses

I haven’t had a high quality pair of sunglasses in years and fell in love with these ones! The lenses are so nice and I love that they are polarized. I also have the Remmy Ghost. RAEN has been having so many great holiday deals, and everything I have ordered arrived to my door within 3 days! Use the discount code DANA20 at check out for 20% off.


REN Skincare!!

I received a few of their products this month and loved them all! My skin is very sensitive so I am always hesitant to try new products but loved everything! They have a redness reducing serum that has saved my skin from the cold wind. Everything from REN is cruelty free and their packaging is very eco conscious.


CALM Magnesium Sleep

I have been taking magnesium for about 6 months and it has helped so much with everything from digestion to anxiety. I tried the gummies, but had more success with the powder drink. I have two teaspoons every night and love the mixed berry flavor and that it has melatonin and gaba.


Glass Coffee Cup

I got a few of these Glass Coffee Cups as gifts for people last Christmas and ended up keeping one for myself. I use it all the time and have found it is the perfect size to bring yogurt parfaits on the go. It is the perfect present if you are looking for something under $30.



Faire is a wholesale marketplace where you can sell or buy products B2B. This has been a game changer for my clothing brand, and has given me access to a larger audience of boutiques across the US. I have always preferred selling my products in bulk at wholesale prices rather than individually and. Faire gives me the tools to do so.

November Monthly Favorites

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