Best Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Platforms to earn passive income as a content creator
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Affiliate Marketing | Best Affiliate Networks

Affiliate Marketing through Affiliate Networks is a simple and effective way to generate passive income. Creating an account with affiliate networks gives you access to hundreds of brands where you can easily apply to promote products and earn commissions in one easy platform. I have used many different platforms and curated a list of the best Affiliate Networks to apply for so you can start earning passive income. This article contains affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing

Content creators and bloggers use affiliate marketing to generate income by recommending products to their audience. Many brands are willing to pay a certain percent commission on sales that are generated by the creator.

You do not have to have a large audience to start earning commissions. Instagram recently released the new Link Sticker feature that allows creators of all sizes to add links in their Stories. This opens up affiliate marketing all accounts under 10K. Read more about how to increase affiliate sales through Instagram Link Stickers HERE.

1. RewardStyle / LikeToKnowIt

This affiliate platform is one of the most popular, but most difficult to apply for. It is heavily geared towards content creators and bloggers, and is by far the most user friendly. They have wide variety of available brands that you gain access to as soon as you are accepted into the program. When using other platforms, you have to apply for each brand individually. They have a tool called Link Ninja where you can easily generate links through the product page of a website. To increase your chances of acceptance, it is recommended that you get referred by a creator that is already using the platform. If you would like me to refer you, please send me a direct message on instagram with your name, email, and we will both be paid $25 if you are accepted 🙂

2. Pepperjam / Ascend

This website has a very nice layout and it is easy to keep track of sales and clicks. You have to apply to each brand individually after being accepted to the platform, but they have a great variety of brands to choose from. They make it easy to generate links through their website and also have the google chrome feature to get specific product links through the brands website.

3. Rakuten

This platform is a lot less user friendly, but it gives you access to many of the top brands. Generating links is a bit more difficult, but gets easier once you get the hang of it. I recommend reading up on affiliate terms so you get comfortable navigating the site.

4. Impact

Impact is pretty easy to use and has a lot of opportunities to work with brands in the travel industry. I recommend this ads a secondary platform but would still stick with Ascend and RewardStyle as my top Choices.

5. FlexOffers

Flex is my least favorite, but it has some great brands. I think it is difficult to browse the available advertisers, but once you find the ones you like it gets easier.

It gets tricky to keep track of the commissions once you start using multiple affiliate networks. I keep track of mine by using this Earnings Tracker.


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