How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy | 3 Easy Steps

If you are wondering how to sell Canva Templates on Etsy you are in the right place. Selling Templates on Etsy is the perfect way to make passive income. The templates are instant download, so there is no action required once someone purchases your product.

You Need Canva Pro Account | Try it free for 30 day here ↓

1. Create an Etsy Account

Use this link to get 40 free listings when you open your store! Without the link, every listing will have a $0.20 fee. Etsy shops with more listings have a higher success rate than those with fewer listings. The more listings you have, the more chances you have being found in the search. You should try to create at least 10 in the beginning.

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2. How to Create a Shareable Canva Template

Create your design in Canva. Once you complete your design, look for the Share Button at the top of the page. You need to have a pro account to see this feature. Make sure the link option is set to “use as template” instead of “edit”

how to sell canva templates on etsy

3. How to Create PDF with Link

I create a Google Doc and paste the link to the page. I like to add directions on how to open it along with some information on the product & a thank you note. Download the Google Doc as a PDF and upload the PDF to your Etsy Listing.

Always test the link to make sure it works. I also try to download the Canva Template from an account that does not have the paid membership to Canva to see if there are any premium feature fees (ex. your template contains a premium icon or font) This fee is usually about a dollar per item. Be sure to state extra fees in your product description to avoid problems later on.

I hope you liked these tips on how to sell Canva templates on Etsy! Be sure to use the link above to get 40 free listings when you open a new Etsy Shop.

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