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How to Create your own Media Kit

If you were wanting to grow your social accounts and have the ability to reach out to brands in hopes of landing a collaboration, you will need to know how to create your own media kit.

What is a Media Kit?

Media Kits are like a digital first impression. It is so important to have a professional layout that clearly shows all of the information to increase your chances of working with a brand.

A Media Kit, or Press Kit, is a document you create that showcases what you bring to the table as an influencer, blogger, content creator. Having a professional Media Kit is so important and can make or break your ability to land brand deals, collaborations, and partnerships. I like to think of it as a social resume. It helps brands decide if you are a good fit for their marketing endeavors. Media kits can also help them visualize the type of content you create. It also shows your social impact.

What to Include in your Media Kit

  1. Introduction
    Introduce yourself and talk about your style, niche, location, and what makes you different. Brands want to work with influencers that align with their same values, so put any relevant information, background, and specialties here.
  2. Main Social Media Channels
    List the social media accounts you are most active on. For me, I list my TikTok, Instagram, and Blog. Be sure to write your username or link to show your ~public~ profile so they can easily browse.
  3. Headshot
    This gives your Media Kit a personal touch and adds relatability to the portfolio. Even if you are applying for a campaign where you will not be in any of the photographs, it is important for the brand to see who they are potentially working with.
  4. Analytics
    Showcase your reach by adding your followers, average likes, views, etc so the brand can visualize how valuable the collaboration will be. It is important to add the demographics of your audience as well. Ideally your audience should match the brands customer profile. Age, gender, location, interests, are all relevant things the brand will be looking for.
  5. Previous Work
    Add photos of collaborations you have done in the past. If you haven’t had any, add some of your best performing posts or relevant pictures. If you have an idea of the content you are wanting to create for brands, do it with items you already have to showcase your style
  6. Contact Information
    I always put my email and shipping address. The brand may need to reach out to ask sizes, more information on the content ideas you had for the collaboration, or to discuss the price of your services.

Too Complicated? Buy one!

Making a Media Kit is very time consuming. If you aren’t familiar with graphic design it can be hard to have it turn out the way you were envisioning.

I created a fully customizable Canva Template to create a professional media kit available for purchase on Etsy. You can drag and drop your own photos to this template. You have the ability to change all fonts, copy, and colors. It contains everything you need to make your own Media Kit. You can check it out HERE

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