3 Ways to go Viral on TikTok

Using these 3 ways to go viral on Tiktok helped me go from 4,000 followers to over 115k in about a week!

1. Use a sound with delay in action

For example, a popular sound where nothing happens until the end. This way, the viewer is likely to watch more of the video rather than swipe past in in the first few seconds. Also, if they miss something the might have to rewatch to see what it was. This tactic works great for the “Oh no” videos, or the glow up videos etc.

This video I posted using this tactic had an average watch time of over 16 seconds, so most people stick around for the whole video. This tells the algorithm that it is worth watching and it will push it to more people on the For You Page. This video ended up reaching over 2.7 million people.

2. Pronounce or Spell Something Wrong/ Have Something Out of the Ordinary

People love to correct others in the comment section. Saying something pronounced totally wrong or doing something that is extremely abnormal will definitely get you more comments. This will raise the engagement and boost your video.

If you are filming a voice over video, mispronounce a common word and see if people notice! If you don’t want to do that, you can post a video of something that is very unusual. For example, I posted this video of cats that were gathering around my house and it ended up reaching over 10 million people.

3. Use Trending Sounds & Hashtags

This one is kind of a no brainer, but it really helps get your video on the For You Page. You can check the trending Hashtags and Sounds by scrolling through the Explore section of TikTok. If you are posting a video that is in a smaller niche, you can check other accounts in that niche to see if they are all using a certain sound or group of hashtags.

I used this tactic on my small business’s TikTok account. Although the reach wasn’t as big as the other two videos, it brought website traffic and resulted in some sales.


My first big wholesale order 💌 website coming soon!! Follow for small business tips to see how mine turns out 😄 #smallbusiness #smallbusinesscheck

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn Davis

Hopefully these ways to go viral on Tiktok work for you! For more tips & tricks, check out 5 Steps I used to Grow my Small Business on TikTok.


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