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San Jose del Cabo Travel

Mexico is one of my favorite places. It is so beautiful and so close to Southern California. I went with my family during winter before Coronavirus and can’t wait to get back down there. San Jose del Cabo Travel destinations are my favorite.

My family has a fishing boat that my dad and his friends would always drive down across the border to Puerto Los Cabos and leave it for a few months. We always just slept on the boat but this time we stayed at a friends house in La Fortuna.

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The Container Restaurant & Bar

I haven’t spent much time in Cabo San Lucas, but I love San Jose Del Cabo because it is a little bit more mellow and relaxed and everywhere you go is so beautiful. If you will be going by boat, Puerto los Cabos is such a great harbor. There is a beautiful beach walking distance from the marina and a cute restaurant built into a container by the entrance to the slips.

Marina | Puerto los Cabos

We usually stay at the Puerto los Cabos Marina on the boat. I like doing this the best because we are able to anchor anywhere but still have the marina to come back to. We usually do a few trips to other parts of Mexico with the boat and and just anchor in a cove. It is nice to not have to pay for a hotel or Airbnb.

the Town

Our favorite restaurant in San Jose del Cabo is Mi Casa, I always get the sopes. It is a really great town and it is fun to to check out the shops and decorations. All the buildings are painted so beautifully and there are tons of cool lanterns and string lights. By the church there is a churro cart on Sunday nights that sells the best churros you will ever have. San Jose del Cabo travel is so easy because everything is so central.


Even though it was late December, it was still pretty warm. In Southern California I would freeze, but I was able to spearfish without a wetsuit for over an hour. Right outside of the house we stayed in was a shipwreck where tons of fish and turtles would hang out. I stalked a parrot fish for a while but was unsuccessful. It kept going too far into the shipwreck and I was too scared to follow it. My friend was able to spear one and provided enough meat for both of our families fish taco dinner.

Where we Stayed

We stayed in their friends house and it was so beautiful! I believe the house is available as a vacation rental. It was overlooking the ocean with a great surf spot right in front. There was also a shipwreck that you could swim out to where we did all the spearfishing, There is great snorkeling and it’s easy to launch a stand up paddle board or kayak from the beach.

Acre Baja

The other family we were with had a friend who worked at Acre, a new restaurant and resort not too far from where we were staying. We went there and got to check out the new treehouses that will be available to rent and ate dinner at the restaurant. Their friend gave us a tour of the property and let us try some mezcal.

We didn’t make it to Flora Farms this trip but that is another great restaurant. They grow a lot of their own food and its so beautiful. It is a popular destination for weddings.

We were only in Mexico for less than 4 days but were able to do so many things during that time. I highly recommend staying in the San Jose del Cabo or La Fortuna area


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