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V-Day camping at Joshua Tree

Last minute camping in Joshua Tree National Park ~ This post may contain affiliate links

Because Valentines day fell on a Sunday, we decided to celebrate by spending the weekend camping in Joshua Tree. My boyfriend and I hadn’t been there for years and didn’t have have a reservation, but we went up there hoping for a spot and willing to settle for BLM land if it was full.

We got a late start on Saturday and spent close to an hour driving around Riverside looking for an open restroom during all of the COVID closures. We didn’t get to the park until around 3pm. Reservations for campsites were booked up to a year in advance so we drove around the campsites that were first come first serve hoping we would find a spot.

We were out of luck and headed to the BLM sites to set up camp and start cooking dinner. It was SO windy! There were crazy sandstorms and we would not have been able to cook so we went back to the park as a last resort. A couple staying in a van was kind enough to let us stay at their campsite for the night.

We made a campfire, cooked Impossible burgers, and watched the stars.

I didn’t check the weather and packed thinking of Coastal SoCal, but my Leucadia Collective Encinitas Set paired with a puffy jacket ended up being perfect! For a little more insulation, I wore leggings and a long sleeve shirt under my sweat suit.

The park was beautiful!! They have the best camping in Joshua Tree! It was amazing to see all the different desert plants and watch the climbers scale the sheer rocks. We did not bring our gear this time but definitely will be back soon. Some things to keep in mind….

  1. Check the Weather ~ But most importantly check the wind!
  2. Pack lots of layers so you are prepared for the weather to change
  3. Can’t book a campsite? Be sure to get there early! ‘Check out’ time is around 11am for most of the first come first serve campsites, so going early is your best bet.

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