Monthly favorites June 2021
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Monthly Favorites | June 2021

Monthly Favorites for June 2021! Everything from Fitness Apps to Beauty Products
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Creating a Morning Routine

Creating a Morning Routine

Perfecting my morning routine has totally changed my productivity levels throughout the day. Just getting out of bed a little earlier and having small tasks to complete can set you up for success. Starting the day off with productive self care has given me so much energy that lasts all day. This small changed has definitely improved my mood and I am able to get so much done.


monthly favorites | summer hats

Wearing More Hats

I have always been bad about applying sunscreen, and after the list of sun care products containing benzene was released, I figured it was a good time to start wearing more hats. I created a list of my Top 10 Favorite Hats for Summer, and have been loving my Straw LOC hat the most. Hats are a perfect way to elevate basic outfits, and it is so nice to have the sun out of your eyes.


Faded Dark Spot Treatment

I have stubborn dark spots that I have been trying to remove for years and have finally started to notice progress since trying this gel. I’ve used many dark spot fading treatments in the past, but haven’t had much success. I got a free sample from Sephora, and will definitely be buying the full size. Start off using it once a week and work your way up to reduce sensitivity. I have been extra careful in the sun, using my favorite face sunscreen and wearing more hats.


strava challanges | monthly favorites | Best health apps for apple watch

Strava Monthly Challenge

I have used Strava for a while to track my mountain biking routes, but just recently started joining their monthly challenges. It is such a great way to stay consistent with your workouts and have a bit more accountability. I have gone on way more walks because of these challenges and sometimes you get discount codes and virtual trophies for your Strava profile.


monthly favorites  amazon kindle waterproof reader for days by the pool

Waterproof Kindle

I have been trying to read more books this summer, and the Amazon Kindle is my new favorite device! It is waterproof and I have been loving reading by the pool. It is so light and small and is great to have for reading on the go. I love having the ability to download books from anywhere, and the battery lasts months


monthly favorites | small business facebook groups

Facebook Groups

I have been lacking motivation with my small business and it is hard to remember to get everything done. While I work full time it is easy to put my side hustle on the back burner. I have never been active on Facebook, but it is so nice to be a part of a group with similar interests that is going through the same difficulties. I have found so many helpful tips and feel so inspired by all of their stories.

June Monthly Favorites

Thank you for checking out my monthly favorites! Let me know what your’s are in the comments below.

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