• Monthly favorites June 2021

    Monthly Favorites | June 2021

    Monthly Favorites for June 2021! Everything from Fitness Apps to Beauty ProductsThis article may contain affiliate links Lifestyle: Creating a Morning Routine Perfecting my morning routine has totally changed my productivity levels throughout the day. Just getting out of bed a little earlier and having small tasks to complete can set you up for success. Starting the day off with productive self care has given me so much energy that lasts all day. This small changed has definitely improved my mood and I am able to get so much done. Fashion: Wearing More Hats I have always been bad about applying sunscreen, and after the list of sun care products…

  • Best Hats for summer

    Summer Hats ~ 2021 Favorites

    The Best Summer Hats for the 2021 Season! Top 10 Favorite Hats to keep your cool all Summer long.This article mat contain affiliate links 1. Lack of Color | Zulu Rancher 2. Brixton | Jo Straw Rancher 3. Billabong | Melody Bucket Hat 4. UO | Flat Brim Felt Hat 5. Free People | Daisy Dot Bucket Hat 6. Lack of Color | Palma Fedora 7. Billabong | Dream Big Hat 8. Lack of Color | Lola Cap 9. Helen Kaminski | Province 12 10. Rhythm | Sunny Days Canvas Bucket Hat