Morning Routines that will Change your Life!!

Tiny changes & habits I have been incorporating into my morning routines to start the day off right
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1. Sleep with your Curtains Open

sleeping with the curtains open for circadian rhythm

This makes getting up early a whole lot easier! Blackout curtains are great but having the room gradually get lighter really helps me get up earlier naturally and without an alarm. Sunrise is around 6:20 so it works out perfectly. If I have my curtains closed my internal alarm clock gets all thrown off and I am left feeling drowsy for the whole day. Getting exposed to sunlight early in the am helps set your circadian rhythm and has worked wonders on my sleep cycle. If you live somewhere that get no morning light or you can’t sleep with your curtains open, I highly recommend this alarm clock that has a similar affect.

2. Don’t Check your Phone

tips on not checking your phone in the morning

This is a hard habit to break! I always reach for my phone right when I wake up and end up doing emails or scrolling through social media for 30 minutes. Staying in bed instead of getting out always makes me feel more tired and delays my morning routines. I feel much more productive when I push it back at least 30 minutes and ideally until after breakfast. Plus I feel like all that blue light right when you wake up can’t be good for you. I love these blue light blocking screen protecters on amazon.

3. Stretch!

best yoga for the morning

I wake up so stiff in the mornings from sleeping on my side and going straight to a desk job without moving just makes it worse. It is so important for me to move my body in the morning and helps me feel energized throughout the day. I try to do some simple stretches every morning (inspired by the video below) This beginners yoga flow is so easy and around 10 minutes. It wakes up your whole body and all the stretches are gentle enough to do in the morning. If I can’t make time to do that, I love to do a quick Theragun to wake up my muscles and release tension.

4. Drink a Whole Glass of Water BEFORE your Latte *Bonus if you add Lemon or Chlorophyll*

drinking chlorophyll water

I wake up SO dehydrated and always find myself skipping a glass of water and going straight to coffee. After I started forcing myself to finish a tall glass of water before I could have my latte, I noticed I was a lot more inclined to keep reaching for water and stayed hydrated throughout the day. This has worked wonders for my skin and digestive wellness. I prefer drinking warm water in the morning and love adding fresh squeezed lemon or dōterra lemon essential oil drops. I have also been loving adding liquid chlorophyll in my first glass. Read about the many benefits of chlorophyll here.

5. Gua Sha in the Shower

benefits of gua sha - can you gua sha in the shower instead of using oil

I love using a gua sha tool in the morning to depuff and wake up my skin. It is hard for me to find time to put the oil all over my face and then wash it off so I just use it in the shower. Probably not as beneficial but it feels so nice and still seems to get the job done. I use it right after applying face wash so it slides nicely an start on the back of my neck to loosen up my muscles from sleeping and drain the lymph. This is the gua sha tool that I have and highly recommend. Here is a great video tutorial for using the gua sha tool from an expert:

6. Healthy Breakfast

healthy vegan gluten free breakfasts that are easy to make

The first meal of the day is so important and is so often ignored. It’s easy to opt for something quick or to drive through a fast food restaurant on your way to work, but starting the day of with a nutrient dense meal will make your day so much better. Check out my blog post for 5 Healthy and Easy Breakfast Recipes. All gluten free and vegan.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope you are able to take inspiration from my morning routines and please comment what routines you like to incorporate into your morning to start the day off right.

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