Free Bucket Hat Pattern and Sewing Tutorial - Terry Cloth Bucket hat | Lack of Color Bucket Hat Dupe. Sewing projects for beginners
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FREE Bucket Hat Pattern & Sewing Tutorial

Follow along with this Bucket Hat Sewing Tutorial with this FREE Bucket Hat Pattern that is available for Instant Download. Printable Sewing Pattern. This article may contain affiliate links.

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I made mine with this Terry Cloth Fabric, and loved the way it turned out. I cut out my pattern with scissors and use a rotary cutter for the fabric. This saves a lot of time and perfectly cuts the fabric without warping the pattern. I have the larger size mat and use it to cut all of my fabric.

I use this Brother Computerized Sewing Machine from Amazon.

Step 1. Print Free Bucket Hat Pattern

free bucket hat pattern for instant download printable

Pattern is available at the bottom of this page. Enter your email on the form to receive the PDF file. The free bucket hat pattern will be immediately sent to the email address provided. Print this digital file on standard 8.5 x 11″ printer paper. Be sure to choose “Fill Page, or 100%” for the printing settings, and print on separate pages rather than front and back.

You will be required to confirm subscription before receiving the pattern via email, this ensures the pattern nis getting sent to the correct address.

A small portion of the pattern will be cut off of the Brim when the pattern is printed, just connect with a sharpie before you cut.

Step 2. Cut out Pattern and Fabric

For this bucket hat, you will need 4 Brim Pieces, 2 Band Pieces, and 1 Top Piece. Some pattern pieces require the fabric to be folded to create a longer piece. I like to pay attention to the fabric grain to try to get a uniform cut without pieces being cut on the bias.

Step 3. Sew & Serge (or ZigZag Stitch) Band

terry cloth bucket hat | Lack of color bucket hat dupe. Beginner sewing tutorial. How to make a bucket hat.

Place faces together and sew up both sides of the 2 Band Pieces. Next, use a ZigZag stitch or Serger to finish the raw edges and prevent fraying. Terry fabric frays a lot and will get string everywhere if you skip this step.

Step 4. Sew Band to Top & Serge

diy bucket hat. how to make a terry cloth bucket hat. Free sewing pattern for bucket hat.

Sew the Band Pieces to the Top Piece, insuring that the faces of the fabric are together. Next, do the same ZigZage stitch or use a Serger to finish the edges.

Step 5. Sew Long Edges of Brim Pieces Together

bucket hat sewing tutorial

Take 2 Brim Pieces and place the faces of the fabric together. Sew together on the longest curved side. Set aside and repeat with remaining two Brim Pieces

Step 6. Combine Brim Pieces

Lay out the two Brim Pieces and open them up. Put right sides together and sew both of the short sides. Turn right side in.

Step 7. Sew around the Brim

making a bucket hat with terry cloth fabric

Flatten the Brim pieces and start at the outside edge sew in circles about 5/8ths of an inch apart until you make it to the inside.

Step 8. Attach Brim to Band

Place right sides together, and sew the Brim Piece to the Band Piece. Finish the edge with a ZigZag stitch or Serge.

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Free Bucket Hat Pattern

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