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Summer Skincare Routine | Layering SPF

The best summer skincare routine for days you will be spending outside. Prevent dark spots and fine lines with these top products to layer SPF and protect your skin from the harmful rays. This article may contain affiliate links.

Because I live in Southern California and Hawaii, I continue to use products with SPF year round. I still get daily sun exposure without any protection, but I spend too much time outside to go without any. After I started layering sun protectant products, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skins texture and decrease in dark spots.

For more of my favorite full body spf products, check out these benzene free options.

Summer Skincare Routine | Favorite Products

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Laura Mercier Natural Skin Perfector

the best spf tinted moisturizer for summer

This broad spectrum SPF 30 Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect base layer for summer days when you need a little more coverage. I use this as a foundation and really like the light coverage and how it evens out my skin tone.

Elta MD

best everyday face lotion for summer with spf sunscreen

I have this SPF 40 sunscreen in tinted and regular and use them every day. The untinted is perfect for outdoor workouts, walks etc and the tinted is somehow just as light. This is a bit too dewy for some people but I use my sunscreen powder on top if it looks greasy.

Shimmershade Illuminating Cream Eyeshadow

Summer Skincare routine - makeup with spf An industry-first cream eyeshadow with SPF 30 to keep your eyes pretty and protected from the sun.

This SPF 30 eyeshadow from Supergoop comes int the perfect neutral shades and lasts all day. I always used bronzer as eyeshadow in the past but I love the shimmery look and that it has SPF. They are a little pricey but have lasted so long. I have the shades Golden Hour and Sunset.

SuperGoop Sunscreen Powder

spf sunscreen setting powder

Sometimes my face sunscreen looks greasy, so I always apply the Supergoop sunscreen powder to get rid of some shine. I also love to put this powder on my part. The top of my head gets so burned and this is the only way I have been able to avoid that without spraying sunscreen directly onto my hair.

SPF Lip Balm

best spf lip protectant for your summer skincare routine

My lips are the first to burn in the summer, resulting in chapped lips and dark spots. To prevent this, I always carry a lip balm with high SPF to reapply throughout the day. My favorite sun protectant lip balm is the Coola LipLux SPF 30. It is very moisturizing and stays intact in my beach bag when all my other lip balms melt. In addition to this, I use non SPF lip balm to moisturize when I am not in the sun.

SPF Lip Tint

summer skincare routine \ spf lip tint

This lip tint comes in great shades and has been perfect for incorporating more SPF in to my summer skincare routine. I don’t wear tinted lip balms regularly, but this has been a perfect way to elevate my makeup looks during the summer. It is such a high quality product and comes in so many shades I will be continuing to use it through the winter.

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