DIY Surfboard Bags using Burlap Sacs

These DIY Surfboard bags are so easy to make and are perfect keeping the sun off your board. They also prevent wax from melting everywhere. This article may contain affiliate links.

I started making them in 2014 and would sell them at the monthly Board Swap in Hanalei or on Etsy.

I got my first sewing machine in middle school and would always try to create my own swimsuits and dresses. One summer, while visiting my cousins in Washington, I picked up some old coffee bean bags from an antique store. At the time I didn’t know what I would make with them, but the logos on the burlap were so cool I had to think of something.

The burlap bags had a very strong smell so I kept them in a box in my parents garage. It goes away eventually don’t worry. My brother shapes surfboards and had his new boards laid out on the burlap bags. He said they would be perfect board socks, I just had to sew something for the bottom half.

I made the first DIY Surfboard Bags using my old purple bed sheets and they turned out so cool! It surprised me how easy it was to sew and the little mistakes I made were basically unnoticeable compared to mistakes when sewing a bikini. I wasn’t used to sewing with so much fabric and it was so cool how much faster it was than bikinis.

I have made them many different ways over the years and have finally perfected it into the quickest and easiest way that now only takes me a few minutes.

If you are making it with a specific surfboard in mind, make sure you pay attention to the shape of the nose and the widest point of the board. If I am making the bag for myself, I just measure it directly with my board.

Materials you Need for DIY Surfboard Bags

  • Sewing Machine – Any kind works, I use the Brother Project Runway Sewing Machine and never have any issues. Make sure you have a lot of thread and that your bobbin is full. I sometimes have to stop and rethread the bobbin in the middle of the board bag.
  • Burlap Bags – Many different ways to acquire these, you can get them straight from farmers, thrift stores, or even from amazon. Prices vary immensely, I have seen them being given away for free or having the prices marked up super high. Make sure it is a heavier weight, I have accidentally ordered lightweight bags and they were completely see through. Here is a good option for a pack of 10.
  • Fabric – I really like making them with deadstock fabric to save money and reduce waste, but I always had requests to make them with tapestries. They both look really good but make sure you have a lot!
  • Draw string – To close the bag. I just used a thick cotton drawstring from my local sewing store. Here is an option from amazon
surfboard bags made from burlap sacs and recycled fabric | old coffee bean bags

1. Cut Burlap Bag & Fabric

I cut the seams off of the burlap bag to create two sheets. Then I cut the fabric into two long rectangles. With the burlap starting at the top of the board, the fabric should go a lot longer than the tail, so you have room to finish the end. You will need the front and back of the burlap bag and 2x fabric rectangles

2. Sew Burlap to Fabric

Take one burlap panel and one fabric rectangle and place right sides together. Sew the bottom of the burlap to the top of the fabric to create one side of the board bag. Repeat for the other side

3. Mark the Nose Shape

This does not have to be exact! Place your burlap/fabric sheets right sides together and lay out on the floor. I prefer to just lay my board on top of it and trace a rough outline. You can also work off a photo / general board shape. Make sure the outline is a few inches bigger than the board + seam allowance. It should be a loose fit so it is easy to slide on, especially if you are not using a stretchy fabric. Take note of the widest point of the surfboard. from there it should just go straight to the bottom, do not go in after the widest point.

4. Sew!

I like to pin the seams of the fabric to burlap together so they are aligned perfectly once I sew the bag. It also helps to pin the top, some on the sides, and a few in the middle so the fabric stays together to make it a little easier to work with. I cut around the outline I made (+seam allowance) to get rid of the excess fabric.

Sewing is the easiest part! I just start at one side on the bottom and make a biiiig U shape taking out the pins as I go. Once finished with this step the board bag is almost done and just needs the ends to be finished.

5. Create Tunnel for Drawstring

While the board bag is still inside out, I fold the bottom edge in about a half inch then in a few inches, sewing at the top to create a tunnel with no raw edges. I leave one end open so it is a bigger entrance for the board. Once I sew the tunnel for the drawstring I finish the side so there is no unfinished stitches and put the drawstring through.

Let me know if you have any questions or need an explanation on any steps! Tag me in your posts if you make any DIY Surfboard Bags so I can see 🙂

eco board bags made from coffee bean bags - boho surf accessories


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