Top 5 Natural Deodorants that Actually Work

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I have tried countless brands of natural deo since I switched over from Secret in 2015, here are a list of my favorite Natural Deodorants that Actually Work.

If you are new to the natural deodorant wor

d and used to using antiperspirants, there is a bit of a learning curve and purging that takes place where your body needs to eliminate built up toxins. I have always heard this takes an average of two weeks.
When I switched over, the first few day were not bad but I always brought some with me incase I needed to reapply. After about a week I could go the whole day with no issue. I still keep a mini in my car just in case
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1. Kopari Coconut Deodorant

 natural deodorants that actually work | Kopari coconut deodorant 

Kopari Deodorant review

This deodorant is my all time favorite and I have been using this since 2017. It smells amazing and stays on all day. I have tried the gardenia scented one but noticed irritation from the strong scent so I always opt for the original. The only issue I have had with this product is if I apply it after the shower without totally drying my underarms or working out right away, it gets a strange texture. It seems like it takes a few minutes to absorb and then it is a lot more effective. This Deo is featured on my list of Clean Beauty Favorites you need this season.

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Coconut Oil: Nourishes, hydrates, and protects sensitive skin.
– Activated Charcoal: Acts as a magnet to draw out toxins from your pores.
– 100 Percent Plant-based Active: Provides odor protection while also warding off the bacteria that causes it.

2. Nuud

 natural deodorants that actually work
nuud deodorant review 
| nuud deodorant | Cream deodorant | is there deodorant that lasts longer than a day? | long lasting deodorant

A vegan deodorant that lasts for 3-5 days with one application!!! This deo is amazing and only has 10 ingredients. It is packaged in fully biodegradable materials and is distributed sustainably. The shipping times are a little longer but it is totally worth it. The formula is extremely concentrated and stay on even if you shower, play sports, etc.
It is now available on amazon!!

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Coconut Oil: Nourishes, hydrates, and protects sensitive skin.
– Zinc oxide: Ensures that the skin is properly cleaned and protected
– Silver (pure): To inhibit the bacteria responsible for the smell of perspiration

3. Drunk Elephant Deodorant Cream

natural deodorants that actually work
drunk elephant deodorant review |

So gentle and doesn’t cause any irritation. This deodorant is a great unscented option. It lasts all day and I do not have to re apply. Make sure you unwind the bottom to lower product before closing the lid, if you don’t it gets really messy. your underarms should be completely dry before applying it so it stays on better. I have noticed that it soothes any irritation from shaving. It eliminates odor-causing bacteria and absorbs excess moisture from the skin. It is Vegan, Cruelty Free and packaged in recycled materials.

Highlighted Ingredients:
– Mandelic Acid: Derived from almonds, mandelic acid is an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that is both water and lipid soluble, which is a quality that allows it to penetrate and work within the hair follicle.
– Arrowroot Powder: A super-absorbent powder derived from the roots of the arrowroot plant.
– Shea Butter: A concentrated butter derived from the shea fruit. Shea butter has a complex triglyceride composition that gives its characteristic rich, emollient properties and skin-barrier protection.

4. Native Mini Deodorant

drunk elephant deodorant review |
target native deodorant review

I keep the Coconut & Vanilla Mini in my car or tote bag if I ever need to reapply. The mini is only $2.99 at target and smells so good! It is formulated for sensitive skin and is super long lasting. I don’t think this is as clean as the options above, but it is great for carrying in a purse just incase your other deodorant stops working and you can’t make it home. Natural deodorants that actually work are hard to come by, so it is nice to have this mini on hand.

5. dōTERRA Essential Oil Deodorant

drunk elephant deodorant review |
Doterra deodorant review

This deodorant smells good and lasts all day. It goes on a little thicker than the others and I love that it has essential oils. Essential oils can occasionally be harsh on sensitive skin but I haven’t noticed any issues at all. You can purchase it here under the shop tab.

– Features CPTG® essential oils of Spruce, Ho Leaf, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus
– Aluminum, paraben, phthalate, and talc free
– Tapioca starch aids in absorbing underarm moisture leaving you feeling fresh and dry throughout the day

Thanks for checking out my favorite natural deodorants that actually work! Hopefully they make the switch to Non-Toxic a little easier.

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