How to Invite Collaborators to an Instagram Post

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If you are wondering how to invite collaborators to an instagram post, you are in the right place. This recently released feature allows accounts to collaborate on the same in feed post, showing the posts on both account’s profile.

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Collaborating with another instagram account on a post allows your account to reach a new audience. It is beneficial if the account you are teaming up with has followers similar to your target audience. If done correctly, it is beneficial to both sides.

Reasons to Collaborate

Supporting Small Businesses

If you have taken photos of a product you love, you can collaborate with the brand to share to both accounts. This allows the brand to reach a new audience, and also gets your content seen by new eyes.

Collaborating with another Influencer

If you are in the influencer realm and wanting to grow your audience, finding another person in your niche with the similar goal can be mutually beneficial.

Making Special Announcements

If you are wanting to announce a pregnancy or engagement you can collaborate on the same post rather than separately

Share your new account with your followers

If you recently started your own company or second account for art etc, you can easily share content to both accounts to allow your new account to reach your entire audience.

How to Invite Collaborators to an Instagram Post

You have access to invite collaborators in the instagram app while creating a new post.

  1. Press the (+) on the upper right hand of the instagram home page then choose Post from the list of content options
  2. Choose the photo you want to use to collaborate and press Next until you get to the screen where you can add a caption
  3. Press “Tag People” and it will give you the option to Invite a Collaborator on the right side just below the image.
  4. Add your Caption and Location as you normally would and post

The account you invited to collaborate will have to accept your invitation before it shows up as a collaboration. If they accept, both of your accounts will be listed at the top of your page and it will share to both profiles and in the home feed of both followers accounts.

If the invited account can decide to “stop sharing” at any time, and it will still be shown on your profile as a regular post.

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