My Grandma Finally Found Love at Age 97

Betty Jane proving you can find love at any age!

My Grandma has been single for over 40 years! After her divorce, she never had interest in dating and spent all of her time hanging out with family and friends.

During Covid, we weren’t allowed to visit her at her Assisted Living facility, and they wouldn’t let the other residents visit with each other either. For a few months, the only way we could see her was with masks on standing outside her building. A nurse would set up a chair so she could look out to us. We would hold up photos to the glass, but we were not able to talk. These visits could only last a maximum of 10 minutes before the nurse would have to walk her back to her room. It felt like prison.

visiting grandma during covid times

After the major Covid restrictions had lifted, we were able to take her to our house a few times a week. She started telling us she had a boyfriend that lived across the hall. We thought she was joking, but then the nurses confirmed they were sneaking into each other’s rooms to share meals and watch TV.

We wanted to meet him and asked the nurses if we could bring him to dinner. It went well so he came over for mother’s day as well! They say they love each other and he wants to get married ♥ After being single for so many years, it goes to show that you can find love at any age.

Here is a Poem my Great Grandma wrote to her before she met my Grandpa:

love poem written in the 20s / 30s by my great grandmother

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