5 Easy Gluten Free & Vegan Breakfast Ideas

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I make one of these easy gluten free vegan breakfast meals every day! I love how simple they are to make and they keep me full for so long. This post contains affiliate links

1. Oatmeal with added Protein

healthy breakfast ideas - protein oatmeal

I can eat this every day without getting tired of it. I love cooking my oatmeal in a rice cooker, I think it is the easiest way and you do not have to stand there to adjust the temperature or stir it. It cooks automatically and and once finished will keep it warm. To make oatmeal in the rice cooker, I use one part oatmeal with 2 parts water. I like to mix in vegan collagen protein with a tiny amount of water until it forms a paste, then I mix it into the oatmeal after it is done cooking. For toppings I switch between Costco frozen berry blend, or sliced pear that I saute in coconut oil and cinnamon. I always add a big scoop of Nutzo.

2. Chia Pudding

easy vegan breakfast ideas | chia pudding in a papaya boat
Chia pudding served in a Papaya Boat topped with craisins, dried mulberries, coconut flakes, and honey

This is so easy to make and I like to keep a batch in the fridge for easy breakfasts. To make the chia pudding, all you need is almond milk and chia seeds. I get both of those from costco. I mix 1 cup of chia seeds with 3 cups of almond milk for the perfect consistency. Once you mix them together they have to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chia seeds to expand. I like to make it the night before so it is ready by the morning. If you would like to flavor it, I like to add matcha or cacao powder. A little goes a long way, if needed add a bit more almond milk. If you want it to be sweet, I love adding a small amount of maple syrup to the mixture or honey as a topping. My other favorite toppings are berries, slivered almonds, dried mulberries, coconut flakes, or craisins. This is my oersonal favorite easy gluten free vegan breakfast.

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3. Smoothie Bowl // Acai Bowl

best way to make a smoothie bowl with good consistency | blue spirulina smoothie bowl with granola ,almond butter, and bee pollen
Blue Spirulina & Greens Smoothie topped with Bee pollen, Almond Butter, and Granola

To get the perfect constancy, I make a smoothie and freeze it in an ice cube tray to blend later on. It cuts the time when making it and it is a lot easier to get the perfect smoothie bowl constancy. I usually just blend the frozen smoothie cubes with almond milk and top with the same items used with the chia pudding. For more frozen recipes, check out my Mango Sorbet!

4. Protein Smoothie

protein smoothie recipe | Easy costco healthy smoothie

This one is SO easy and perfect for the warmer months. I get the smoothie packs from costco and add some protein powder & greens powder for added nutrients. I also like to blend in some nut butter. After the smoothie is done, I add honey and stir it in with the stray so it comes through in bigger chunks, almost like a caramel macchiato.

5. Rice Cake Toast

Another staple. I use the thin and square rice cakes from Whole Foods and top them with unsweetened sunflower seed butter, raspberries, blackberries, and cinnamon.

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