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January Monthly Favorites | 2022

January Monthly Favorites for 2022! Everything from habit trackers to the best indoor cycle brand. This article may contain affiliate links


digital habit tracker. Tiktok habit tracker. viral habit tracker google doc.

Digital Habit Tracker

I discovered this digital habit tracker on TikTok after it went viral. The creator posted a video about this habit tracker that gained hundreds of thousands of views and led to thousands of sales on her Etsy shop. It has a lot of great features and is an easy way to keep track of your New Year’s resolutions.


cropped puffy jacket

Puffy Jackets

This Cropped Puffy Jacket is perfect for the colder months and can be dressed up or down for any outfit. The ribbed fabric is such high quality and will last years.


benefits of oil cleansing.

Oil Cleansing

I was introduced to oil cleansing a few years ago when I received a skin care set from Qēt Botanicals. It fully transformed my skin and I fell in love with all of their products. It felt weird at first to apply oil to my skin when I had previously thought that it would be cause acne etc, but the hydration it brings is unmatched!


best indoor bike. stationary bike review

Indoor Cycling

I have had the Keiser Bike for about a year and love how easy it is to get a quick workout in at home. There are a ton of great free classes on Youtube, or I just watch a TV show. Read more about the Keiser bike and why I think it is better than the Peloton HERE.


Yin yang pill case. Cute pill case for vitamins

Yin Yang Pill Case

I take a lot of vitamins, and it is hard to keep them organized, especially while traveling. This was the cutest one I could find, and makes packing vitamins so much easier.



Using TikTok to promote your business can be so lucrative and you don’t have to spend money on advertising. A prime example of this is for the Digital Habit Tracker I mentioned above. Just one viral video led to thousands of digital product sales, and I estimate she made about 30k in profit in the first week alone. Here is how I grew my small business using TikTok and some Tips for Creating Viral Videos.

January Monthly Favorites

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