Monetize your social media with no following
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Monetize your Social Media with NO FOLLOWING

Using these 4 methods, I was able to Monetize my Social Media and generate 20k in less than a year. This article contains affiliate links

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Monetize your Social Media | Getting Started:

first off, you NEED a MEDIA KIT! Just like a modeling portfolio or resume, a media kit introduces your content to a brand. Having a high quality Media Kit is very important and can set you apart from other creators. This is the one I use, and it is on sale through the New Year.

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User Generated Content

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User Generated Content (also known as UGC) has increased drastically in the past few years. Brands are willing to pay high prices to get content created by everyday people. UGC establishes trust with consumers because the content tends to be more relatable. UGC is typically product reviews, talking to the camera, or voice over videos.

Content Creation

Content creation is similar to UGC but typically more artistic and high quality. It is important to develop a unique style and stick with it so brands can get a better idea of what type of content you will produce for them. To get started with content creation, I recommend creating content for products you already have to create a portfolio, or media kit. Once you make a media kit, you can easily reach out to brands with your rates to land a collaboration. Brands typically have to hire a stylist, photographer, model, etc.. so a Content Creator can be easier and more cost efficient for them.

Affiliate links are so easy to use and you no longer need over 10k to start posting links on IG Stories. Read more about how to grow Affiliate Income through Instagram Story Link Stickers HERE. If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and need to sign up on affiliate networks and platforms, read more about the best ones HERE.

Unlike instagram, you do not need a following on TikTok to create a viral video, and brands are willing to pay high prices for small creators to post content to their accounts. I started out by using the app Swipe House, where you are able to apply to work directly with brands and browse through the open collaboration opportunities. The payments range from $60-$800 per 15 second video, and it has helped me land a lot of long term / repeat collaboration with brands.

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