TikTok SEO | How To Optimize

Using TikTok SEO | How optimize your account and get your videos more views. TikTok has become one of the top used search engines this year. It is important to try to rank for keywords to make your video come up on the explore page. This article may contain affiliate links

Searchable content has the potential to keep getting views over a longer period of time – much like a blog post.

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How to Pick a Keyword

In my experience, it is easier to be successful with long-tail, or specific keywords. For example, ranking for “Platform Converse Fall Outfits” is easier to rank high for than just “Platform Converse”

Try to think of the phrase you are trying to rank for as something you would type into the search bar to find what your content is about.

When picking keywords, it is helpful to use google, Pinterest, and TikTok to see what users are already searching for. It is best to choose a phrase that is common but not too popular so you don’t have as much competition. I like to use Google Trends to see the number of searches made and compare different variations of the phrase until I find something I think would be successful.

Where to put Keyword

  • Caption
  • On Screen Text (add in the TikTok App)
  • Hashtags
  • Cover
  • Subtitles
  • Saying it in the Video

Putting the keyword in all of these locations increases your chance of becoming the top video for the search term

TikTok SEO - how to optimize your content

TikTok SEO Tips

  • Post niche specific content
    • Get specific with your content for a higher chance of ranking as the top video
  • Post content that is seasonal
    • Posting seasonal content early can help the video gain traction now then rank high when that search term is trending later in the year. ex. halloween costume diy
  • Try to stay ahead of trends
    • If you notice a search term rising in popularity, try to create content around it early so you are ahead of the game
  • Post evergreen content in addition to trends
    • In addition to trending content, it is beneficial to post videos that will always be searched for year round, after the trend has come and gone. ex. life hacks, recipes

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