Pinterest Ending Creator Rewards Program

Pinterest ending creator rewards program as of November 30th 2022. They announced that they will be ending their beta creator rewards program / creator fund in favor of releasing new features in the future. Pinterest had one of the most lucrative creator fund of 2022 with creators earning thousands of dollars each month. Now that it is stopping, here are ways to continue monetizing your content. This article may contain affiliate links

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Pinterest Creator Rewards

Pinterest Creator Rewards program was one of the best creator funds to monetize social accounts in 2022. In the early stages, they were paying $650 per idea pin with no limit. Some creators earned upwards of $20,000 each month. They eventually lowered their earning potential by increasing the requirements and lowering the pay out potential. The past few months the earning potential for completing each task in the Pinterest creator rewards was around $2,000. For a more in depth explanation on the program, check out my blog post about it here.

Pinterest Ending Creator Rewards Program in favor of New Features

In the future (date is not set) Pinterest will make it possible to add links to Idea Pins. Idea pins have been performing increasingly better than normal static pins over the past year, and making them clickable will greatly increase the number of website views and affiliate link clicks for 2023. It is not clear if we will be able to add clickable links to Idea Pins that are already created.

How to Continue Monetizing you Content

Pinterest ending the creator rewards program will take away a lot of income from creators. Some creators were even selling guides on how to increase earnings in the creator fund. To continue monetizing your content, it is important to focus on affiliate links and sending viewers to your website. Posting product focused idea pins will be much more beneficial that it was in the past. I recommend signing up for affiliate marketing platforms if you haven’t already. If you have a blog it will be beneficial to create idea pins with the destination link set to your blog post rather than only doing this with static pins. The increased reach that Idea Pins get can greatly raise your page views, growing your earnings from ads. For other ideas, check out How to Monetize your Social Media with NO Following.

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